This includes the editing and the story telling. With all the material produced during the filming (Production) we will tell your story. This is the moment when the film starts having a shape.

Because we work together with our clients we all have the opportunity to exchange feedback and ideas to create the best movie addressing your needs.

We work with you from the idea to the script. We discuss ideas together as we believe in cooperation.

We help you to materialize your idea in a visual method. With your thoughts and feedback, and with our ability to put ideas in images we will build a complete action plan for your movie.

This includes the arrangements to start filming. All the permissions, bookings and organization for filming.

The films starts being created here.

If you want to film in Rwanda, 94Histudio provides a fixer who will be logistical support, facilitates permit, custom, location, talent, crews, equipment, accommodation and transportation.

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