Short course

Rwanda has got unique history, which falls, under different areas of life. What Rwandans have experienced contains a lot of moral lessons; All Rwandans especially young people are included among Rwandans who can reveal a lot regarding their history.

94Histudio has objective of training the Rwandan who are talented and willing to engage in Cinematography.

A short course of 3 months will be given to people who want to learn how to make a film. Students will write scripts those will be produced during the courses.

After selecting the good script, student will drive into production and lastly go in post production where they will edit, grade colors and mix sounds.

The Edited films will be screened nationawide and send on international market. Student will continue their internship on different tv stations as well as other audiovisual companies.


In the partnership with e-Ga Media, LLC, a company based in Los Angeles California students will be able to access the following;

1) Submitting the films for international festivals in US and around the country
2) Getting access to One on One Mentor from Los Angeles who are in film industry
3) Possibly attending events organized by the organization in Rwanda or outside
4) Access to e-Ga Media advanced courses on film making and related courses
5) Accessing online training and workshop via Skype
6) Attending in person and online conferences with e-Ga Media

General Requirements

1. Proof of Secondary certificate (A2); (high school).

2. In the absence of the secondary certificate, the candidate should possess lower level (secondary) and prove the ability to read and write in English;

3. Age of 20 years and older;

4. The total tuition fee is 300,000 rwf for 3 months.

5. For the first month student should pay additional 50,000 rwf of registration, notes and the production package that will help to study, other two months 20,000 rwf will be added each month for film production;

6. A candidate should deposit tuition fee on this Bank Account: 01390067947-68 COGEBANQUE. Account Holder name: 94histudio.

7. For the first month candidate should deposit 150,000 rwf.

8. When the candidate fulfills all the requirements, the following procedure is followed:

1. Fill the application form available only on this link http//

2. Upon the reception of your application form, a registration number will be sent to you via email;

3. The registration number is used in all matters related to your course training.

1. The work done by students during the study is the property of 94Histudio

3. All student might attend the school from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

4. The student must participate in all work and event prepared by the studio

5. Every student might obey internal rules of the studio.

6. All candidates have access to the same program until the final evaluation. The evaluation process is based on film project that will be done by student.

7. The time you complete your film project, 94histudio will help you to have an internship with one of audiovisual company.

1. Fill the online application form on our website

1. Proof of completion of the short course provided by 94histudio or other acceptable institutions.

3. Written essay of 1000 words clarifying why you are interested in film production.

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